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Since more than 10 years, ISITEC International has equipped the various mail processing centres of the French Post Office (La Poste) with its sorting solution ISIVOICE TRI.

With an increased flow rate of 50 to 400%, ISIVOICE Tri is an indispensable tool for manual sorting in large companies or administrations.

Why to used the voice sorting in sorting centers?

Facing an increasingly competitive sector and always shorter delays of mail processing times, the national posts must enhance their quality of service to the highest level. The core of this service quality is the performance of mail sorting. To do this, 3 important elements shall be taken into account: the mail sorting speed, the precision, and the comfort.

The old mail sorting system does not provide such benefits. Indeed, the operators must search on databases in order to find the right locker by sorting the mail that they had in the hands.

The mail sorting speed was poorly optimised, the error of the line breaking were frequent, and the vertical head movements could cause additional fatigue for the operators.

The voice sorting solution – ISITEC International

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The voice sorting of mails is deployed by tablet or computer workstations based on the size of the sorting plan.

Each station is equipped with a headset-microphone set included in the ISIVOICE pack.

The process involves equipping each sorting station. Thus, the operator starts the software program ISIVOICE Tri and loads a sorting plan (database containing all the data on the streets, numbers, etc.).

It remains only to define the sorting criteria, ISIVOICE Tri will notify instantly the operator in which box he must sort each mail.

What are the benefits of the voice mail sorting?

The benefit of mail sorting for the post offices sorting counters are keys factors: in addition to the increased sorting speed, the operators are less tired, and more efficient.

Thus, the national postal mail industry platforms can cope with larger, less regular mail flows and maintain an efficiency even with novice sorters.

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