Proglove : wearable hands-free scanners


With its smart glove with an integrated barcode reader, ProGlove associates the operator with the 4.0 industry

ProGlove allows the operator working in production and logistics to evolve hands-free, it is a scanner that replaces the traditional manual scanner.

It enables simultaneous scanning and working, making industrial and logistics processes more efficient: ProGlove simplifies workflows, eliminates certain steps, and reduces the risk of error.


The elimination of non-value-added process steps enables faster and more efficient work.


Hands-free scanning enables ergonomic work. Weight savings of up to 1.5 tonnes per shift.


Optimized hand movements reduce mistakes and improve quality.


Integration via USB HID interface, RS232 connection, or Bluetooth Low Energy. Simple configuration on


Mark II Mid Range Specifications

Dimensions : 50mm x 45mm

Weight: 40g

Autonomy: Up to 10,000 Scans

Reader Type: Mid-range 1D and 2D barcode reader (30-150 cm)

Feedback Type: Transmission feedback (acoustic, optical, haptic)

Transmissions Type: Wireless (868 MHz, Bluetooth low energy)

Communication Type: Two-way communication

Firmware Type: Wireless with automatic update


proglove mid range barcode scanner

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