Hands-free scanner – SHF 502


SHF 502

SHF 502 is a portable industrial barcode reader that can be connected to any data capture device such as PDA, Smartphone, tablet, industrial terminal or PC to send the scanned barcode information.

The device is light, small and very easy to use. It is attached to the back of the hand using a special glove with industrial velcro. It can be adapted to both hands.

shf 502

The SHF502 is equipped with an imager for reading two-dimensional (2D) codes but also for reading linear codes (1D). It uses a Bluetooth communication technology with a range of up to 70 meters or 868 MHz radio frequency band, capable of communicating with the data receiving device over a distance of up to 300 meters.

SHF 502 contains a rechargeable and replaceable Li-lon battery that provides an autonomy for over 20,000 scans with a single charge.




Length: 55mm
Width: 39.2mm
Height: 51.2mm

Scanner performance

Sensor type: 640 (horizontal) 400 (vertical) pixels
Light: 610nm
LED Red LED: 660nm
Scanner angle: 60 °, 60 °, 360 ° (tilt, step, roll)
Field of view: horizontal (42 °) , vertical (28 °)

battery icon

550 mAh Battery


bluetooth icon


IP65 icon

IP65 Water-proof Dust-proof


Weight : 65g

Hands free PDA

SHF 1002 ®

Hands-free PDA



This glove is suitable for the SHF 502 hands-free scanner. Robust and durable, the synthetic leather glove positions the trigger at the index finger. This article is available for left and right handed users.

BFP1 Bluetooth charger

It can charge the scanner and a spare battery. The charging time is 2 hours. 

Using the Bluetooth adapter function, you can scan the Bluetooth address barcodes on the BFP1 and perform quick pairing with a PC / Windows.

Leather gloves for hands free scanner
charger for scanner

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