Isipick® WCS

Isipick® : The Warehouse Control System of Isitec International

Isitec International provides an inter-connectable solution in order to optimise your logistic processes:

  • Kitting, Order picking & Receipt of orders.
  • Break up & Assembly station
  • Storage, Inventories & Replenishment

The Isitec solutions are composed of 2 modules:

  • The WCS software layer: Isipick® can be connected to your WMS, ERP, MRP and PLC System.
  • Hardware solutions “the production line”: Pick to Light – Put to Light – Pick by Voice -Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) – Pick by Balance – Connected Kanban – Conveyor.
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The main benefits of the Pick to Light and other production line solutions

Innovative and easy to implement, the solutions of Isitec International provide many benefits

  • Increasing Productivity: it enables to reduce the picking time of an item, which leads to a quick return on investment. return on investment.
  • Eliminate errors: avoid reference errors, reduce the picking error rate to less than 0.1% in order to improve quality sustainably.
  • Facilitate the training of operators: training in 10 minutes.
  • Make the logistics operations 100% Zero Paper.

Isitec International, a key accelerator for the development

Each logistics solution we design is fully adapted to the company requirements. From its design, installation, and commissioning by all collaborators, we take care of each step. For more information about a solution, please contact our teams by phone, or by filling out the contact form.

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