AGV guided by QR code

AGV guided by QR code

QR code guided AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) are a cutting-edge technology that combines the versatility of QR codes with the efficiency of AGVs.

For the guidance of these AGVs, QR codes are strategically placed along the AGV’s intended path, serving as markers or waypoints. The AGV’s onboard sensors or cameras scan the QR codes as it navigates, allowing it to determine its location, orientation, and next steps. This enables AGVs to follow pre-defined routes or instructions with high accuracy, making them ideal for applications that require precise movement.

One of the advantages of using QR code guidance for AGVs is its flexibility. QR codes can be easily created, modified, or replaced, allowing for dynamic changes in the AGV’s routing or tasks without making significant modifications to the physical environment. QR codes can also be printed on a variety of surfaces, such as floors, walls, or objects, making them adaptable to different operational needs.

agv sorting

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agv leano

AGV Leano

Isitec’s AGV Leano is designed to optimize parcel sorting processes. With its multidirectional movement capabilities, it can move goods weighing up to 35 kg when carried or 70 kg when towed, streamlining the material handling process.

The AGV Leano is highly adaptable and can easily integrate with your existing IT system, providing real-time insights into material movement.

veloce 2


Veloce is a guided robot that enables multi-level storage and retrieval of parcels, crates, and cases without additional storage infrastructure. It is designed to optimize the Goods-to-Person picking process, reducing overall picking time, and enabling faster order fulfilment.

Its advanced technology allows it to accurately store cartons and totes in their designated location within a warehouse, even while handling a large volume of items.

The Zippy Range

Zippy is an advanced automated system designed for high-speed and accurate item sorting within a warehouse. It reduces the need for manual labour, improving order fulfilment speed and streamlining the reverse logistics process. Its sensors and algorithms enable autonomous navigation, increasing efficiency and reducing errors. Zippy’s programmable feature further enhances operational efficiency by reducing the time and effort required for material movement.

zippy 6 zippy 10 zippy 25
zippy 40
Zippy 6 Zippy 10 Zippy 25 Zippy 40



Postal sorting

These mobile robots can locate themselves indoors and orient themselves according to the parcel they are carrying and the position of other robots present; this is possible thanks to the artificial intelligence embedded in each robot. They work in groups that can be compared to a swarm of bees.

They move at 1.5 meters per second and can carry up to 35 kg.

Workstation supply

These robots save time for the operators and also reduce drudgery while eliminating the risk of error linked to human action.

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