Autonomous mobile robot (AMR)

Autonomous mobile robots

AMRs, or autonomous mobile robots, are mobile robots that autonomously navigate using SLAM technology. These robots are used to transport any item for industrial or logistic applications.

An autonomous mobile robot equipped with sensors and a depth camera can reroute itself and determine the optimal course to reach a specific location.

The AMR observes its surroundings and chooses the optimum path. AMRs have the ability to change routes quickly and easily. Unlike an AGV which stops and waits when there is an obstacle on its path an AMR can avoid the obstacle and reroute itself to continue its task.

The different types of AMR and applications

dynamo 1000 with lift  

With lift

For  easy transportation of pallets

amr with rolling conveyor

With rolling conveyor

For conveyor-to-conveyor material movements

amr with belt conveyor

With belt conveyor

For transporting products, materials and goods in manufacturing industries and warehouses

amr with chain conveyor

With chain conveyor

For efficient Pallet movement across the warehouse


amr with hook and lifter

With hook

For efficient and fully automated pick up and towing of trolleys in the warehouse.

amr with crates

With crates

For picking and kitting



It can be easily readapted to layout changes

Easy Integration

Integration with any ERP/WMS/WCS software.


Powered by AI-enabled algorithms


Sensors and depth cameras prevent collision with the operators


Eliminate manual operations and improve security.



Addverb Technologies is a global Robotics & Intralogistics Automation company. Established in 2016, Addverb was born in India to improve supply chain operations by automating the arduous tasks related to the storage and movement of goods.

Addverb AMRs equipped with cutting-edge technology, are helping pioneering organizations like Coca-cola, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson and many others.

Technical Details 


LiDar-based navigation on SLAM algorithms.

30 minutes charging for 4 hours run.

Speed of up to 2m/s

Capacity of up to 1000 kg.

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