Small parcels sorting machine – Isisort®


Small parcels sorting machine

Isisort® is an accessible, pneumatic, robust, versatile, and modular sorting machine.

Its unique two-way pusher system allows you to sort up to 4,000 objects per hour for packages weighing up to 5 kg, almost in all forms or nearly, without the risk of jamming.

Depending on your needs, the Indexation of the objects can be done

  • by voice,
  • via keyboard,
  • via spray 
  • automatically via the gantry.

The number of output for Isisort is not limited. If your sorting needs increase you can add additional modules. the machine can eject the sorted parcels in a bin, trolley, or gravity belt.

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The control software Isiflex®

Manage your operations from your mail room

Thanks to the Isiflex® control software by Isitec, the Isisort® is a flexible and intuitive machine.

More than just a simple sorting machine, it will allow you to manage your customers. Inter-connectable to your ERP in the 2 directions (customers data importing and consumptions data export), Isiflex® will track all the data needed to bill your customers.

Isiflex® is embedded on the Isisort® but it can be run on the manual sorting station Isiread® or the machine Isisort®, it will enable you to manage your mail and your packages.

Isiflex® is a software for sorting, traceability, accounting and video encoding. The perfect tool for your mail centre.

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