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The constantly evolving nature of postal flows necessitates continuous adaptation. Isitec International is here to support you during the reorganization of your postal service, offering solutions such as traceability of letters and parcels, sorting of assisted or automated mail, and management of registered mail. We have spent many years developing solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of your organization. Learn how our modern processes and software can optimize or re-engineer your postal organization for improved efficiency and productivity.

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Re-engineer your mail sorting service

Postal flows are undergoing significant changes, with a reduction in traditional mail management due to the increasing shift toward digitalization. This shift necessitates a reorganization to stay competitive. Additionally, the rise of e-commerce has led to an increase in parcel and small package flows, requiring new tools within your postal organization. Alongside these flow changes, traditional mail is also evolving, with postmen no longer having fixed routes and sorting plans changing on a daily basis.

Our solutions offer the flexibility and accessibility necessary for your postal organization to quickly adapt to these changes with minimal investment, providing ROIs of 12 to 24 months. Our solutions have already been trusted by national postal organizations such as the French Post Office (La Poste Française), Bpost, and PostNord. 

Our solutions for sorting and mail tracking

We offer customized solutions for sorting manual mail, voice-aided or with industrial assistance, and mail sorting machines tailored to your specific needs and volume. Isitec International also supports you in enhancing the traceability of sensitive mail that requires processing within your organization.

Our range of solutions includes Isivoice Tri® for voice sorting, Isi12000® for sorting mail at a rate of 12000 mails/hour, and Isisort® & Isisort+® for automating the sorting of parcels. Our solutions have been successfully implemented in national and private post offices, and we can help you find the ideal solution for your unique needs and objectives.


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Our solutions for the Postal/Mail sector

Mixed Mail sorter

Isi40000 Mixed Mail sorter

The universal sorting machine to rapidly process mail volume.



Flat mail sorting machine and Complete versatile machine for all your mail applications.


Telescopic Belt Conveyor®

Load and unload trucks and trailers easily and safely. Increase the productivity of loading / unloading times.

automated guided vehicle

AGV guided by QR code

Small multidirectional robot, guided by QR code for parcel sorting.

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Modular and economic « Wheel sorter »

Isitec International - Isipick To Light


Isisort® is an accessible, pneumatic, robust, versatile and modular sorting machine.

Isitec International, a key accelerator for the development

Each logistics solution we design is fully adapted to the company requirements. From its design, installation, and commissioning by all collaborators, we take care of each step. For more information about a solution, please contact our teams by phone, or by filling out the contact form.

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