Flat mail sorting machine – Isi12000®


Flat mail sorting machine and Complete versatile machine for all your mail applications.

The Isi12000® machine is constituted of modules set and a control software developed by the teams of Isitec International. The different modules available in this solution are:

  • Feeder: for mails of the same thickness or mixed mail.
  • Reading station: OCR, BCR.
  • Weighing station: certified or not.
  • Marking module: from 1 to 6 marking heads or applying labels heads.
  • Outputs: from 1 to 18 outputs.

The Isi12000® can sort up to 12000/ hour mail of a maximum size C4 and a maximum thickness of 8mm.

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Isi12000 features



OCR & BCR Reader

Capable of reading all the information on the envelope and measure the size of the mail at high speed.

dws mail

Dynamic Weighing station

Using “Weight-on-the-way” technology for precise measurements without compromising processing speed.


Inkjet Printer

Used to print variables of fixed data on the envelope, such as a stamp, barcode, QR Code, etc…

sorting bins

Sorting Beans

Sorting bins with automated conveyor belts for enhanced working autonomy.

Isi12000 machine de tri du courrier

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