Flat mail sorting machine – Isi12000®


Flat mail sorting machine and Complete versatile machine for all your mail applications.

Isi12000® is the most modular and affordable postal sorting solution for private post offices and mail solution providers.

Save time processing your postal flows, optimize your postal delivery, sort your letters, improve the efficiency of your delivery rounds and satisfy your postman and your address. Isi12000® machine consists of a set of sorting modules and control software developed in France. The various modules available in this solution are as follows :

  • The sorter can include a Mixed Mail envelope stacker without pre-sorting. It allows continuous feeding of mail of different weights, formats, and thicknesses.
  • This sorting machine has an OCR and BCR reading station equipped with a camera and a lighting system enabling it to read what is marked on the envelope at very high speed. Isi12000® also captures and records envelope size.
  • Isi12000® mail sorter is equipped with a weighing station, which may or may not be certified. The weighing station provides postal accuracy while maintaining the production speed required for the service.
  • Isi12000® also offers a system ranging from 1 to 6 print heads depending on the needs of each company.
  • Isi12000® mail processing machine is modular and can be equipped with from 1 to 18 outputs, depending on your sorting schemes and the type of rounds to be organized.

Isi12000® can sort up to 7 000 envelopes / hour to process your letters ranging from C6 to B4 format with a maximum thickness of 8mm.

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Isiflex® control software

Manage your business from your mail room

Isi12000® is a multifunctional mail machine that allows you to :

  • Sort incoming mail
  • Massify outgoing envelopes to benefit from post office discounts, for example
  • Massify mail
  • Organize your postmen’s distribution rounds
  • Mark outgoing mail
  • Record data for billing for mail service providers

Isiflex® control software is used to control and synchronize all the modules, as well as communicating and exporting captured data for tracking, invoicing, printing labels for postal trays, etc.

Isiflex® is the perfect sorting, tracking, accounting and video coding software for your mailroom. Embedded on the Isi12000®, it can also run on the manual sorting station. Interconnectable with your ERP in both directions (customer import, consumption export), Isiflex® will bring up all the data required for invoicing your customers.

Thanks to the software, Isi12000® is the most flexible mail sorting machine in its category. More than just a sorting machine, it will enable you to manage your customers and become more competitive.

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