Our pick cart is the ideal solution for multiple order picking in your warehouse.

By means of Pick to light modules on the cart, the number of products per order is visualized on the cart.

This allows you to maximize the productivity of your order pickers.

Isipick software, which is installed on a touchscreen tablet, displays information such as pick location, number of products to be picked and possibly a photo of the article. Also, walking routes are optimized, error margins are reduced to 0% and a link to your WMS/ERP system is realized.

The carts can also be used in combination with other technologies of Isitec Benelux such as voice picking, scanning, weight control.

The carts can also be used for supplying your warehouse.

The pick carts and Isipick software can be fully customized to your situation, such as number of orders per cart, possibly equipped with a self-propelled wheel for optimal ergonomic conditions.

The pickcarts are very easy to use, new employees can be trained and start picking within 15 minutes.

Let us inform you about the possibilities of Isitec Benelux.

isitec pick to light

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