Isipick by Cart: Solution to multiple picking

Isipick by cart®


Pick to light cart is a simple and flexible solution for multiple order picking, enabling you to process several orders in a single picking round.
By seamlessly integrating advanced systems, it enables you to streamline the order-picking process with ergonomic finesse and increased efficiency.
The trolleys promote optimal routing, and are equipped with pick-to-light modules and touch-sensitive shelves of different types,
depending on the products and the number of orders to be picked simultaneously.
This technology can also be complemented by other ISITEC solutions: weight control, pick to light on furniture …


  • Increased productivity
  • Fewer preparation errors
  • Reduce distances traveled by operators
  • Accelerated training for operator

The ISICART solution includes a range of equipment to facilitate and optimize the order picker’s work. The tablet with HMI enables real-time communication and display of picking instructions (quantity and items to be picked, barcodes, etc). Equipped with ISIPICK mobile software, ISICART is connected to your WMS or ERP via bidirectional communication.

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Frame Isicart :

Built to withstand warehouse working conditions, Isicart is
an ergonomic, hard-wearing tool.
Its metal structure and motorized assistance will enable
operators to be more efficient while protecting their health.

Advantages of the ‘‘battery pack’’ :

With the right ‘‘battery pack’’, all the electrical devices on the order-picking truck can work. These include drive wheels, touch tablets,
label printers and pick-to-light systems. The 24 powerful lithium-ion battery cells guarantee a long service life and can operate for
several shifts without an intermediate charge cycle.

Motorized wheel :

Equipping the order-picking truck with a motorized wheel makes it possible to move products ergonomically and maneuver heavy loads. The motorized wheel system includes :

  • Customized battery
  • Smart handle with pressure-sensitive sensors
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