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Isitec and your optimised mail service

Modernize your mail processing methods and optimize your company’s mail management with Isitec International’s innovative solutions. We provide a complete solution for document flows from entry to distribution. Our advanced mail processing software simplifies tasks for your mail service while eliminating errors and improving the traceability of documents, parcels, and registered mail. 

Tracabilite d'un courrier entrant

More efficiency at the mail service

A company’s mail department plays an essential role in the administrative organization of a business. Whether outsourced to a facility management company or not, our solutions can help you achieve your quality and productivity goals. Isivoice Tri software, for example, improves mail sorting performance through voice recognition.

Isitrac Stock, on the other hand, assists users in the management of commissary stocks or archiving flows.

Our mail management solutions have 3 main objectives:

  1. Provide a rapid response to requests for research or information on the flows circulating within your company
  2. Improve the quality of your processes with easy-to-implement, reliable applications
  3. Process data to produce key performance indicators

Our solutions for your mails

From receiving incoming mails to distributing them, or from sending outgoing mails, we offer a complete mail solution that supports the document flow from start to finish. By implementing a fully customized mail processing software tailored to your needs, staff, and premises, your mail service will be optimized, benefiting all departments of your company.

Our mail processing software offers a wide range of features, including near-zero error rate sorting, management of non-personally identifiable mails, mail preparation, sequencing, and traceability for both normal and registered mails. Explore the various mail solutions we offer and let’s work together to plan the perfect solution for your company.

traçabilité colis dans les services généraux

Our solutions for the Mail Service sector

isitrac software


A solution for the traceability of sensitive documents for internal services.

Tri vocal du courrier

Isivoice Tri

Letter and mail sorting by voice recognition



Flat mail sorting machine and Complete versatile machine for all your mail applications.

Isitec International, a key accelerator for the development

Each logistics solution we design is fully adapted to the company requirements. From its design, installation, and commissioning by all collaborators, we take care of each step. For more information about a solution, please contact our teams by phone, or by filling out the contact form.

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