Isivoice Tri®

Isivoice Tri®

Mail sorting assistance software and voice sorting and mail OCR

Isivoice Tri® helps your operators to sort mail quickly and without errors. Isivoice® is a sorting software that will allow you to speed up and to secure the work of sorting operators. Based on a sorting plan, Isivoice Tri® helps you to determine the required action by eleminating the errors.

The nominal sorting of incoming mail in large companies, sorting on the address for postal organisations: in both cases, the software may be linked to your database in order to update it automatically.

Isivoice Tri® can be used in different mode: voice, touch or OCR (camera with character recognition), it is among the zero paper and ergonomic (hands-free) solutions.

The benefits of voice sorting

Isivoice Tri® provides many advantages and benefits to your mail organisation.

  • Rapid return on investment.
  • Versatility of operators.
  • Elimination of sorting errors.
  • Complete traceability.
  • Easily configurable via an Excel file.
  • Different technologies: voice recognition, character recognition, touch.
  • Comfort for the operator: Eyes and hands-free.
Isivoice Tri®,Isivoice

How isivoice isivoice tri helps your operators to sort the mail?

Isivoice® uses many technologies for a reliable mail sorting adapted to your organisation:

  • Voice sorting
  • OCR camera
  • LED Strip (Put to Light)
  • LED Pointer (Put to Light)
  • E-Paper
  • Touch screen

 The operator defines the sorting criteria, (internal code, service name, employee name and keyword) or places the mails to be sorted under the OCR camera and Isivoice® instantly indicates the recipient box.

Isivoice Tri® defines this sorting order:

  • In voice back to the headset.
  • Visually on the screen.
  • By enlighting the destination box.
Isivoice Tri®,Isivoice
Isivoice Tri®,Isivoice

Technologies at the service of the mail

Isivoice Tri® uses many technologies in order to make the sorting easier and safer.

  • Algorithm: in the case of doubt about the answer given to the operator, Isivoice Tri® asks a complementary question (up to 5 questions).
  • A printer: printing the new addresses in the case of a move.
  • Mail server: sends an email to announce for example the arrival of a parcel to the mail service.
  • Wireless display: change of sorting plan on the same building.
  • Plug In: automatic update of the sorting plan.
  • OCR camera.
Isivoice Tri®,Isivoice
Isivoice Tri®,Isivoice

Our Resellers and Partners

Isivoice Tri® is distributed throughout Europe and is available in several languages.

Isivoice Tri®,Isivoice
Isivoice Tri®,Isivoice
Isivoice Tri®,Isivoice
Isivoice Tri®,Isivoice

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