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ISITEC International will be present at POST-EXPO 2018 in Hamburg from 9 to 11 October.
the fair brings together the entire postal services, parcel delivery, and express deliveries sector, with representatives from around the world.

Every year, ISITEC International participates in Post Expo to present its latest innovations in terms of mail.

In 2017 ISITEC unveiled to the public post-Expo its new modular sorting machine ISI12000. Efficient, compact, and fully adaptable. This machine sorts C6 to B4 envelopes at a speed of 12000 mail per hour with a configuration ranging from 1 to 18 outputs

What’s new for this 2018 edition? 

After having seduced 2 national posts in 2018, the machine Isisort will be the darling of this edition on the stand Isitec! The small parcel sorting machine 100% French and fully developed in the research office of Isitec in Lyon perfectly meets the needs of sorting small parcels big makers of the mail world.

On the Software side, after the presentation of Isiread last year, software that allows the capture of information on the mails, Isitec will present Isiread 3D, a solution able to carry out a complete capture of the data of an object, to measure and weigh packages up to 1200mm for 30Kg. Cube or specific shapes, the Isiread 3D camera measures everything in 200 milliseconds and fits into a roller conveyor. It is the ideal solution to quickly edit all transport labels with an approved measuring station and accuracy up to 5mm and 0.1gr.

Finally, Isitec will present its new range of sorting furniture equipped with a camera, wireless displays, LED ribbon, and a touchpad to interface with Isivoice Tri, the mail sorting solution that assists sorters at many national and private posts in Europe. Now, with the new sorting furniture, Isivoice Tri helps operators with character recognition, LED light guidance, and voice recognition. 

 Always present and current on the stand: The traceability of objects with the furniture ISITRAC traceability of parcels

This furniture is designed for efficient and fast processing of parcels to be registered and for the treatment of the recommended ones to be traced. Equipped with all the necessary equipment for ISITRAC operation, this office allows to answer all the waitings of the customer without that it is concerned with the installation of the station ISITRAC in the mailroom

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