Michelin Ladoux

Isitrac® and Michelin: a traceability solution for all types of sensitive flows

The company Michelin uses ISITRAC in order to track the packages and the sensitive objects that circulate on the research and development site of Ladoux..

The Michelin Ladoux site hosts the entire tire production line. Worldwide, 75% of the Michelin research activities are carried out on this site.

For the logistics service, it is a real challenge. Daily, 7 operators of the reception handles more than 200 received packages , most of them must be received electronically. These are regularly high value sensitive products.

The site – being very large -, the packages are distributed to 80 different delivery points. Each employee is linked to a specific delivery point. Depending on the type of package, the handover can also be carried out against signature..

Isitec International, a development accelerator

Every logistics solution we design is completely tailored to the company. From design to installation and handling by all employees, we take care of every step. Voice sorting, parcel tracking, tracking of recommended shipments, sorting machines, voice picking, pick to light, pick by scale, voice inspection, furniture management, preparation assistance, meeting room display... discover all our services. For more information on any solution, contact our teams by phone or fill in the online form.

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