Mars solystic®

Mars Solystic

The universal sorting machine to rapidly process mail volume.

Mars Solystic is the perfect complementary solution to your output management system. Use in conjunction with your existing processing set-up, it optimizes your mail preparation. This highly efficient machine processes all mail volumes and reduces your cost of postage.

This sorting machine is a compact and extremely quiet machine. It’s suited for all types of business. It’s ideal for non-manufacturing workplaces.

Mars requires only a small investment. If you have about 20,000 mail items or more to process a day, you will secure a return on investment in under a year.

Designed to carry out all mail consolidation operations, Mars also reduces your mail processing costs.


Mars Solystic letter sorting machine


  • Speed up to 40 000 pieces per hour
  • Sequencing and sorting in a multi-pass mode
  • Can process up to C5 with a maximum thickness of 8 mm
  • Capacity feeder 4,5 m
  • Up to 24 stackers, capacity 410 mm
  • Linear camera


  • Mail preparation: used for facing, stamping and cancelling, addressing and printing customer codes.
  • Pre-sorting: Mars sorts your mail into pre-defined batches, enabling you to get the best possible postage rates.
  • Sorting: the guarantee that your mail volumes are processed both in their entirety and with accuracy: trace all mail processed, manage and monitor the entirety of deposits.
mars solystic mail sorting machine

Let's find the right solution for you

Mars Solystic is suited for all types of business, you can have different options depending on your needs. 

isipick warehouse control system (1)

Isivoice Tri ®

Mail sorting assistance software and voice sorting and mail OCR.

The different options you can have on Mars Solystic

OCR reader for latin machine character

– This OCR is on the vision system coupled with the linear camera
– It can read postal addresses
– It is a real-time algorithm

Adress data base correlation

– This algorithm allows the checking and correlation of the read address
– The Data base must be supplied by the customer
– This correlation permits the increase of  good read rate

Specific host interface

– We can develop a specific interface with the host of the customer
– Complete specifications of the customer are needed

Inject printer

– Up to 3 print heads : to print stamp, bar code, date…

Label printer

This can be used to print labels for plastic boxes

Second bar code reader

Second bar code reader to check the printed bar code and to assure reliability.


– Thinkness measurement
– Weight calculation based on volumes

Mars Solystic's strong points

  • Compact
  • Ergonomic
  • High throughput
  • Easy maintenance

Mars Solystic's strong points

  • Long-term robustness
  • Proven reliability
  • Broad processing range

Mars Solystic's strong points

  • Single operator
  • Sorting in one or several passes
  • 11 to 13,000 letters/hour

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