Pick by Voice : Picking assistance solution

Voice Picking solution for logistics & manufacturing

Isipick by Voice, the voice assistant of the warehouse.

Isipick by Voice® allows the orders or kits preparation via a 7 “or 10” tablet combined with light, wireless, latest generation voice system ergonomics.

Trained in 1 hour, your new, as well as your more experienced operators, will increase their productivity while reducing the total of errors.

Zero paper, this solution will make it possible to assist your operators, it will be quickly adopted and become essential just like the GPS in your car!

Embedded solution on your cart

With its large 10 “touch screen, your preparation cart will access to the 21st century.

Visualization of the orders to be served, ability to reorganise your tour. The interactivity between your WMS / ERP system and your order picker has never been so simple and efficient.

isipick,isipick to light,order picking

Mobile version thanks to your 7″ tablet

Attached to the order picker wrist, the mobile version provides greater autonomy for the operators.

Especially adapted to picking areas without cart, this solution will prove to be extremely efficient thanks to its simplicity. Equipped with genuine barcode readers, our 7 “tablets will allow easy bar code identification!

isipick,isipick to light,order picking

Isitec International, a key accelerator for the development

Each logistics solution we design is fully adapted to the company requirements. From its design, installation, and commissioning by all collaborators, we take care of each step. For more information about a solution, please contact our teams by phone, or by filling out the contact form.

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