DDu 6 au 8 Novembre 2018, ISITEC Benelux in partnership with Trilogiq Benelux will exhibit at TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS at Rotterdam. 

Transport & Logistics is a key event in the logistics sector in the Benelux.

Website of the professional fair: Transport & Logistics

The entire Isitec Benelux team will be happy to welcome you to their booth to present the latest innovations of Isitec International in terms of optimization of logistics processes such as:

  • Picking operations
  • Replenishment
  • Kitting
  • Inventories

We invite you to come and talk to our teams about your various projects and needs. Our experts will be able to give you an answer with the different solutions that we will present during the show:

ISIPick To Light : Pick to Light, Put to light .

ISIPick By Voice : Pick By Voice, help with order preparation thanks to voice recognition.

ISIPick By Balance :Pick By Balance Solution who assists your preparers by controlling the integrity of their preparations with weight control

AGV : In partnership with Trilogiq, discover our different ranges of autonomous vehicles adapted to the warehouses and their multiple functionalities. 

Smart Kanban :IIOT to optimize your installations and strengthen your lean manufacturing project


So many solutions that we are proud to present the November 6,7 and 8 at the AHOY center Rotterdam


Isitec International, a development accelerator

Every logistics solution we design is completely tailored to the company. From design to installation and handling by all employees, we take care of every step. Voice sorting, parcel tracking, tracking of recommended shipments, sorting machines, voice picking, pick to light, pick by scale, voice inspection, furniture management, preparation assistance, meeting room display… discover all our services. For more information on any solution, contact our teams by phone or fill in the online form.

Reduce lead times
Increase traceability

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