Smart Hands-free PDA & scanner – SHF 1002


SHF 1002

The PDA SHF 1002 is an industrial type trigger Smartwatch barcode reader. It was designed from the upgrade of a single watch scanner with integrated glove with several features for many industrial environments. 

This intelligent barcode reader makes it possible to gain ergonomics and speed, whether in industry, logistics, automotive, manufacturing or even collection and sorting in supermarkets. Rugged and durable, the SHF 1002 PDA scanner improves production processes by reducing operational errors.


Hands free PDA



Magnet PogoPin upload & download data

Scanner performance

Sensor type: 640 (horizontal) 400 (vertical) pixels
Light: 610nm
LED Red LED: 660nm
Scanner angle: 60 °, 60 °, 360 ° (tilt, step, roll)
Field of view: horizontal (42 °) , vertical (28 °)

sh5 1002
bluetooth and wifi icon


battery icon

Android 5.1

battery icon


battery icon


battery icon


touch screen icon

2.2" Touch Screen

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